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Future transferring of the DANS Model in Värmland

The DANS Model is a Quadruple Helix model, developed with in the DANS Cluster project, which is especially suitable in innovation processes where citizens’ needs are central. The aim of the DANS ON project is to disseminate how the DANS Model stimulates innovation in the North Sea Region by showing how the DANS Model has been applied and implemented in practice. Through three Work Packages the DANS ON project has communicated WHY the DANS Model should be used in practice in innovation processes and HOW the DANS Model can be applied. The DANS Model’s adaptability and transferability has been a central theme of the project. Dissemination of the DANS Model has also been key, in order to reach new stakeholders, new sectors and innovation drivers.

After the project DANS ON has come to an end, Värmland County Administrative Board (VCAB) will continue working with transferring the DANS Model in the North Sea Region and beyond. A plan has been made for the work with the model on regional level in Värmland, but VCAB also intend to bring the DANS Model in to several new projects and also develop the model in different theoretical areas. The project ideas in which we intend to use and develop the DANS Model are described below.


Project ideas:


1.      Regional Digital Agenda in Värmland (RDAV)

Our role: VCAB is already using the DANS Model in the work of implementing the Regional Digital Agenda in Värmland. This means that the model will also be used by municipalities, universities, regional organizations and businesses in Värmland within the arena “Digital Värmland”.
The project:Värmland face, like the rest of Sweden similar challenges: to maintain our company’s competitiveness in an increasingly globalized world, an aging population, out-migration from rural areas, negative environmental impact, etc. Therefore VCAB has developed a regional digital agenda for Värmland in broad cooperation with other actors in Värmland. The citizen has been involved in the work with the digital agenda via different events as seminars and conferences, they have also been invited to workshops. One of the actors that will be closely involved in the implementation of RDAV, together with the public sector, academia and SMEs, is the Third Sector association “Civic Karlstad” which works to strengthen civil society in general.
Countries involved: Sweden.
Program: Non (The Regional Digital Agenda for Värmland and the arena “Digital Värmland” is financed by several organisations in Värmland).

2.      Cross-border cooperation, Sweden-Norway

Our role:In this project VCAB will be working on a strategic transnational level for the partnership to implement the quadruple helix model as a working method.
The project: The project will work with cross-border cooperation in order to facilitate economic activity and growth in Norway and Sweden. The project will also work with reducing border obstacles and coordinating and making information along the borders more effective.
Countries involved: Sweden and Norway.
Program: Interreg A, Sverige-Norge.

3.      Digital Innovation for SMEs in the Cultural Sector (DISC)

Our role: Värmland County Administrative Board will be the lead partner of this project and use the quadruple helix together with the partnership as a working method in the project.
The project: The aim of the DISC project is to support digital innovation in the cultural sector by primarily working with Quadruple helix collaboration. In this way the partners in the constellation can meet and initiate joint development activities which lead to new innovative working methods as well as new innovative products and services. The expected result of the project is that the quadruple helix cooperation has increased the innovation ability and made it possible for entrepreneurs within the cultural sector to increase their turnover and profits and find new target groups. It has also maintained and developed the cultural sector and heritage for future generations by making it more attractive for the younger generation.
Countries involved: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany.
Program: The North Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.

4.      Informal care and voluntary assistance: innovation in service delivery (In for Care)

Our role: In this project VCAB will be working on a strategic transnational level for the partnership to implement the DANS Quadruple Helix model as a working method within the project and develop the model towards the areas of informal care and voluntary assistance.
The project: The overall objective is to develop innovation in service delivery by optimizing informal and formal networks to address the challenges arising from an ageing population, budget reductions and increasing demand for health care.
Countries involved: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Scotland and the Netherlands.
Program: The North Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.

5.      Deliberation, Accountability, Transparency and Accessibility in Collective Policy‐Making (DATA)

Our role: In this project VCAB will make a pilot about open data and digital inclusion in our region. In order to do so we need to have a citizen perspective and will therefore apply the DANS Model. This means that we´ll also introduce the model to all the project partners.
The project: The project will be about meeting new societal needs by using emerging technologies in the public sector.
Countries involved: Sweden, Portugal, UK, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovenia, and Switzerland.
Program: Horizon 2020.



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