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Articles by Anna Grude

How to involve residents in the Sustainable Nieuwolda project

The project ‘sustainable Nieuwolda’ is about empowerment of a village in the Netherlands, which changing population has implications for social and economic developments. The population of Nieuwolda decreased since 2010 with 5%. The village ages, 20% of the age of the habitants is over 65. Schools, shops and other amenities disappear. The challenge is to work with the use of the residents themselves on [Continue reading]

Involving citizens in GN-IX

Involving users early in projects helps to understand real-world accessibility issues and helps you implement more effective accessibility solutions. It also broadens your perspective in a way that can lead you to discover new ways of thinking about your product that will make it work better for more people in more situations. This benefits not only users, but also stakeholders; for example, increased use [Continue reading]

People creating together in Hamar

The DANS Model was tested as a working model in Hamar when Hedmark County wanted to find ways to make Hamar more attractive town to live in and visit. The Open Space method was used to involve the Citizen . The Open Space is a method in form of a meeting, that enables individuals and groups to become more effective. Four principles  Whoever comes are the right people (the wisdom to find solutions [Continue reading]

The Final Conference

The DANS ON final conference took place on 25-26 June in Brussels, Belgium. The conference was the culmination of a one year Interreg project, involving six partners from five European countries. The DANS ON project started the first June 2014 and ended on 30 June 2015. The meeting was held from lunch to lunch. On the first day an overview of the project and its results were given by the Project Manager [Continue reading]

“One Europe, one Digital Single Market”: Report on the Digital Assembly 2015 in Riga

The Digital Assembly 2015 is the most important IT and telecommunications event under the Latvian EU Presidency. As part of the European ICT Community, atene KOM participated in the two-day event in the Latvian National Library and established contact with a variety of European stakeholders In two plenary sessions and seven workshops, key issues around the digital single market strategy and the future of [Continue reading]

Future transferring of the DANS Model in Värmland

The DANS Model is a Quadruple Helix model, developed with in the DANS Cluster project, which is especially suitable in innovation processes where citizens’ needs are central. The aim of the DANS ON project is to disseminate how the DANS Model stimulates innovation in the North Sea Region by showing how the DANS Model has been applied and implemented in practice. Through three Work Packages the DANS ON [Continue reading]

Regional Worksshop – The Digital Agenda in Värmland

On April 28, Värmland County Administrative Board arranged together with Hedmark County Council a regional workshop “Digital Värmland” within the framework of the EU project DANS ON. The aim of the workshop was to share information about the digital initiative that started in Värmland, and discuss how the Digital agenda in Värmland, can be developed further, for example by working with Hedmark in [Continue reading]

Administrative meeting, regional workshop and exhibition in Warsaw

An administrative DANS ON meeting and Regional Workshop about the DANS ON project took place on the 9-10 February. The meeting and the workshop were held in the frame of FTTH Conference 2015 in Warsaw on 10-12 February, where the DANS ON project also was promoted in the exhibition area. The DANS ON project partner atene KOM was the organizer of the ‘’Governmental Day’’ Workshop in the frame of FTTH [Continue reading]

Project Meeting and Transferability Workshop in Aberdeen

The 10th-11th of December a project meeting was held in Aberdeen. The first day was an internal project meeting for the partners. The second day was a workshop where the transferability of the DANS Model was in focus. One of the workshops was an “ICT innovation best practice” and was held by the Aberdeen City Council. The participants got an hour interactive demo session of “Code the City”. “Code [Continue reading]
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